In response to your many questions about equipment - today post about breastplates. What to choose, where to buy and for how much? The breastplates are parts of the equipment that help you stay in the right place, sometimes it is necessary to properly fit the saddle.

Everyone knows and sees that the types of breastplates available on the market are plenty. Different models, colors, materials from which they are made. Some of them have two-in-one boots. The task of the ridge is to stabilize the contact - the hand of the rider - the bit. But today I will not talk much about the periphery, because I said that I will prepare a separate entry about it.

The task of the breastplate I mentioned earlier is to keep the saddle in the right place on the back of the horse.

Therefore, always remember that it is best to first make sure that the saddle in which we ride is properly adjusted to the back of our horse. The breastplate can help us with a slight correction, but it will not replace the saddle - fitter visit, which will help adjust the saddle so that it does not hurt our horse. To this end, I recommend that you contact Stanisław Byszewski from Devoucoux.

Also, I recommend you to watch the short movie on my channel about the saddle made to measure - which was made especially for my order.

Once we are sure that the saddle is properly matched, we can take care of fitting the appropriate breastplate, which also can complement the appearance of the whole horse and make a wow effect.

Here are several types:

1. Let's start with the simplest ones called "breastplate straps" or "two-point breastplates". It is a belt made of leather or elastic material, which we attach on both sides of the saddle.

See for yourself, here are some purchase offers:

Price: PLN 185 - I often use this breastplate model every day in a stable.

This is how my breasts look like in black and brown, and depending on what suits me, I change sides.

More suggestions:

Price: PLN 390śnikowy-horze-czarny-2335.html#

price: 189 zł

2. There are also breastplates, three-point 'attachable from two sides of the saddle and strapped under the girth with or without an option, which can be unplugged if necessary.

This is how our Necanto looks in such a breastplate:

And this is an older picture from my archives, Little Man during the competition in Arezzo.

price: 343 zł

price: 260£

3. Four-point 'and five-point' breastplates, which allow the most precise adjustment and adjustment. As the name suggests, we connect them in four or five points.

price: 280€

Another breastplate is definitely my favorite model:

price: 260£

And here, I found a cheaper version on the internet if someone has a smaller breastplate budget. However, I did not have the opportunity to test this product, so I can not tell you how it works during use.

Price: PLN 359

In addition to such a choice of breastplates, we also have a choice of skin color, stitching, thread color, fur or lack of it. For sure everyone will find something for themselves.

Remember that each horse has a different construction and we should watch what our horses feel best. This is particularly evident in the horse's movement, whether he feels at ease, or if something is embarrassing him.

What can I recommend to you from experience and what they wear my horses are definitely Devoucoux and Cwd breastplates. Their equipment is characterized by excellent quality leather and an amazing look, and above all what is very important to me, they perfectly fulfill their functions.

Of course, in order to keep our equipment in good condition for a long time, it is important to care for it as much as any other "wardrobe" item of a horse. Of particular interest are those made of leather.

Health and well-being of a horse should always be a priority for us because if you see that the saddle is not in the right place during training before you buy a breastplate, ask a qualified person to assess the condition of the saddle, because in the majority of cases it is the wrong problem.

Once at the open Polish Children's Cup, I had a very unpleasant experience associated with the breastplate. During the ride on Little Man, a 3-point breastplate broke up, to be honest I do not remember what brand it was - but it certainly was not the highest quality leather. Finally, it cost me a wheel that I had to do and then I lost the chance for a medal. Looking back I know that the breastplate could be better matched to the horse's needs. That's why I warn you that sometimes you will not make such a mistake and carefully choose the equipment for your horses

the picture of this day:

Of course, as always, I invite you to all my Social Media, where you can observe what equipment I use on my horses, and especially I invite you to my YouTube channel - Dalia Lehmann. where the movie from Nadia's training has recently appeared, and soon you can look for another one.

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Thank you very much for such a nice response under every new post. As always, Marta helped me in the preparation, which I thank very much. See you soon!

Huge thanks for the pictures: Ewa Imielska, Asia Bręklewicz, Equista,, Świat Koni M&R Photo oraz Karol Rzeczycki

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