Hi everyone!

I hope you are ready and you missed us a bit because we were gone for a while, but we are coming back with redoubled strength!

Starting with blog posts, through social networks, and ending with a meeting with you at competitions and in our store.

In a slightly enlarged team, we will be preparing new products for you and staying in touch! I am also pleased to inform you that the posts will be published in two languages ​​- in Polish and English, so that everyone can participate in this equestrian and fashion adventure with us.

I am very curious about what has happened with you and how is your riding adventure developing? We are ending the open arenas season and going back to the indoor arenas, but who managed to start this season and who is preparing for the indoor competition? How successful have you been with your horses? And remember that successes are not measured just in cups, but in everyday little steps that you take as a couple. Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

As you have probably seen from social media, Dalia is also not slowing down when it comes to working with horses and is constantly working on new products for you in the store, but that's not all! She also coordinates the team that, as I mentioned, is responsible for the content appearing on the Internet, but also for contact with you. So exciting, isn’t it? We love to stay in touch with customers and so I thought that as we come back after a break, as a refreshment, I will remind you about the activities of the store and a few of our wonderful riders, whose group is constantly growing.

As you know, Dalia has started to combine her passion for equestrianism with running her own blog and online store, which makes her one of the most recognizable riders in the country and this is how the first collection was created out of love for fashion and equestrianism, which you can enjoy and which is growing successively, proposing no more only shirts, but practically all the elements of clothing that you will need to feel comfortable in the saddle, in a stable or at a competition, but they are also incredibly stylish. Because you have to admit yourself, in the Design by Dalia store you will find gems that cannot be found anywhere else, and that's a fact!

As the slogan of the store 'Feel it, Wear it, Ride it!' says. The confirmation of my words is definitely the list of riders who proudly wear things with a flower in the places of the logo and look stunning in them, you have to admit yourself! I can only shyly say that this clothing accompanies them in the greatest successes in competitions, but also in the daily efforts of training that lead to these successes.

Starting with our white and red, native colors, we have Julia Suska, Casaandra Orschel and also Laura Kłapińska in our team.

The brand can also boast riders from foreign arenas, among them Carolina Villanueva (Hiszpania), Paris Sellon (USA).

And these are just a handful. If you want to get to know them all, be sure to check out the @designby_dalia account on Instagram in the saved reports under the slogan TEAM.

It is also worth remembering that once your outfit is complete, you would have to finish it with equally elegant boots, which you can also find in the store. Fabbri brand conquer not only Polish arenas, because their comfort has convinced more than one rider. These boots are a combination of comfort, elegance and attention to the smallest detail. They are made by hand, and with the help of the store employees, they will be made individually for each of you, starting with the measurement. As if that did not convince you, a full range of colors is available, and order fulfillment is instant!

You can find our supporting team on Instagram @fabbri_polska in the NASI JEŹDŹCY tab!

After a short introduction, there is nothing else for me to do but invite you to regular visits to blog and Instagram accounts, thanks to which you will not miss anything and you will be up to date with us! We are always happy to answer your questions and doubts. Remember that what we do, we do for you and if you have any suggestions, we encourage you to create Design by Dalia with us!

I encourage you to be active on the Internet and to follow events where a stationary store will appear in the next place, where you can touch everything and try everything on!

We stay in touch and we continue to create for you more amazing stuff.

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